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Why learn German Language ?

Why Should You Learn German?

#Germany means Business #English is Must and German is plus.

I would like to share some very interesting facts about German language and Germany. After reading these you will be amazed. If i am selling you,i speak your language. if i am buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen! – Willy Brandt,the former German Chancellor
  • 200 Million people speak German in the world out of them 82 Million lives in Germany and 10 Million in the USA.
  • 24 % residents of Europe speak German and 31% Europeans can converse in the language. German is the official language of 7 countries including Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, Germany, Italy and Luxembourg. It enjoys official status in France, in middle and east Europe.
  • Germany means Business: German is a very important business language. It is the 10th largest language in terms of speaker’s number. Germany is the 3rd largest economy in the world and of course #1 in Europe. Germany is the largest exporter in the world and second largest importer. You will feel the importance of the language when you would know that more than 60 % Japanese prefer to learn German in the college and in Europe 44% elementary school students choose German as a second language and 41% choose English.
  • Do you know? Even in Europe, Learning German language is becoming like, an ever smarter move”. People take it as a guaranteed career.
  • German is the second most used language in the internet.
  • Every 5th Book is being published in Germany. It also means Germans read a lot.60000 new German language books are published here every year.
  • World’s largest trade fairs held in Germany.
  • German race is considers as a very hardworking, smart and intelligent and they have won more than 100 Nobel prizes in different categories.
  • Some famous Germans: Literature (Goethe, Schiller, Thomas Mann, Kafka) Classical Music (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart) Art (Kollwitz, Duerer, Klee, Kaninsky) Psychology (Freud, Jung) Philosophy (Kant, Schopenhauer. Nietzsche, Benjamin, Adorno) Science (Einstein, Kepler, Roentgen, Planck, Virchow)
  • So if you are learning German you are becoming smarter and getting a job is just one point. There are so many other points. Even Sky is not the limit.

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