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German Newspaper form India | Warum Nicht Wir | December 2019

German Newspaper form India | Warum Nicht Wir | December 2019


You are at right place if you have some knowledge of German Language and want to improve your German language skills. We (German Teachers and learners group) German speakers Club publish German Language Newspaper ,,Warum Nicht Wir” since 2015 from Jaipur. In this Newspaper you will find not only news & views about German speaking world but also Jokes,poems,short stories, Grammar and Vocabulary Material. E Language Studio and German Speakers Club members, Student,German teachers , professors also contribute providing their Articles for Newspaper.If you want to subscribe the same or contribute please write us.

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Hello very Respected Reader,

We are happy to publish our latest edition of German Language Newspaper “Warum Nicht Wir". And it’s our duty to send this newspaper to German Learning Students and German Language Trainers in India and abroad. This German Language Newspaper is part of German Speakers Club and here learning many Students German Language A1 to C1.

Our August issue has already been published. Please read through and give your feedback. We are always positive and will do better next time.

For soft copies, you should simply check the link:

If you or your friends learning German Language and you need Hard Copy of this Newspaper just click on the link and order it Online :

You can also write us for more details:

Yours sincerely
Ashok Kataria

German Speakers Club,Jaipur


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